November 11, 2016
By Krista Wilson President of The Colon Club Colossal Idea Molly (McMaster) Morgoslepov was diagnosed with stage III colorectal cancer on her 23rd birthday. Feeling broken and alone she set out to and eventually met another young adult survivor - Amanda Sherwood (read their story here: http://colonclub.com/the-colossal-colon/colossal-colon-history/). It was through Amanda that Molly met Hannah Vogler and together they founded The Colon Club. Molly and Hannah soon met Erika Kratzer a stage IV survivor diagnosed at 22. They joked about creating a calendar that played on the words “colon” and “calendar” and would feature 12 young colorectal cancer survivors baring their scars and sharing their journeys to educate and spread hope. Their idea turned into reality, and for ten years out of Lake George, NY, The Colon Club published a very popular calendar - The Colondar. Take a Chance After ten years and with CRC on the rise, we knew we needed to “do more”! We needed a bigger platform to educate in more depth, include more information to those battling this disease and allow survivors the space to share with others how they are surviving living with this shitty diagnosis. So we took a chance, changing our annual publication from a calendar (The Colondar) to a magazine – Colondar 2.0! This allowed for more in-depth layouts, expanded stories, and articles about issues specific to those diagnosed under the typical age of 50. After being translated into different languages through blogs, distributed at medical and treatment facilities across the U.S., and placed in offices on Capitol Hill, Colondar 2.0 went global, reaching people from Canada to China! It was clear… Colondar 2.0 couldn’t be compared to or confused with a calendar any longer – it needed its own Identity, its very own name! Change the Name… again? Our magazine needed to continue to reflect our mission; Educate as many as possible, as early as possible, about the risk factors and symptoms of colorectal cancer - for people to get screened when it's appropriate for them, all while connecting and supporting young adult survivors - yet, not be confused as a calendar. Sooooo… beginning with the upcoming 2017 publication, Colondar 2.0 is now “On The Rise”! On The Rise educates that colorectal cancer IS “on the rise” among young adults (<50) - (yes, it can happen to ANY ONE at ANY age), and these young adults are “on the rise” from their diagnosis – battling, loving, living and SURVIVING! Stay tuned on how you can order your copy of On The Rise!