Meet Mr. January 2012 - David Dubin

January 1, 2012
Today we get to break open the seal and hang up our 2012 Colondars! And this brave cowboy is the first to grace the pages as Mr. January 2012. David Dubin is a three-time cancer survivor from Haworth, NJ. You might have already read his Colondar bio to learn about his story of cancer survival, but here are some other fun facts that you may not have known about our Mr. January 2012. We sat down with him at the photo shoot and got the full scoop...


Name: David Dubin Diagnosis date: December 1996 with stage II colon cancer at age 29 Months/Years in remission: Diagnosed 3 times now, last time was kidney 2 years ago


How did you feel when you were diagnosed with colon cancer? Surprised but not shocked. It ran in my family; my dad and grandfather had it. What were your symptoms? Bleeding, felt like trying to pass a golf ball. What did your treatment involve? Surgery, since it had spread to some lymph nodes and 6 months of chemo. Any recurrences? Had colon recurrence in May 2007; spot on kidney February 2009. Worst thing about treatment? At 29, the loss of invulnerability that you’re supposed to feel in your 20s. What got you through cancer treatment? The mindset that it beat the alternative. Also, mango sorbet.


david-dubin-colondar-colon-cancer-survivorAbout your body? It’s awfully complicated. Your body has a way of really keeping you aware of yourself. It tells you when something’s wrong but also has a way of fixing itself even if only temporary. About life? Awfully temporary. We’re just a piece of history. What do you want to be remembered for and how should motivate you on how you live. Do you do anything now that you didn’t before, thanks to cancer? I balance of work time vs. non-work time. Give more of my time to not-for-profits whether that’s being elected official or in the community – local or online. How has cancer changed your life for the better? It puts things in perspective; helps prioritize. Does cancer run in your family? I have Lynch Syndrome, my dad and grandpa both had colon cancer as well as my older brother. How does it feel to have Lynch Syndrome? It’s disappointing but it’s not devastating. Almost everybody goes through life with some sort of road block or obstacle to get over and until you know what it is, it’s hard to focus on it.


Family: Robin - wife of 18 years. I also have 3 boys – Zachary, Corey, Maxwell. Job? Depends on the day; own a medical supply business – irony is that we sell ostomy supplies. I also do professional voice over work. First job? Delivering newspapers on long island via bicycle Preferred toilet paper brand? Quilted Northern Most interesting place you've lived? New Orleans; I went to school there and played college soccer. What do you do for fun? I am a NY Giants fan, love the Barcelona international soccer team, I love to play soccer, be involved in the community, bake and I blog for therapy. Read David's Blog.