Gift Guide for the Colon Cancer Survivor

November 11, 2011
In just a few days, our newspapers will be shoved full of ads and stores will be going crazy! Black Friday is upon us! If you're starting to make your Christmas shopping list and trying to figure out what to buy the colon cancer survivor in your life, we have a few ideas! Coming from a community full of "semicolons," here are some gifts that some of us wouldn't mind getting ... and watch out, they may just be what some of us are giving!

Colon Cancer Survivor Gift Guide

What to get that special someone in your life...

1. Blue Star Jewelry

Not to "toot" our own horn - but if you've got a lady in your life who's defied the odds and kicked some cancer tail, consider getting her one of these pieces of jewelry from our store. The "blue star" pendants are to die for, and absolutely stunning. We've got blue star necklaces and bracelets - both which make great gifts!  

2. Workout Stuff

There have been headline after headline lately about the benefits of exercise - with one being cancer prevention. Odds are that survivor in your life has heard this, and is finding ways to get in a workout routine once in awhile. Some ideas for their goals could include nice workout shirts or jackets (like the ones in the Get Your Rear in Gear store), racing shorts, a running hat or even shoes. Or, here's a great hard plastic travel cup! If they have the gear, consider a workout video or some new equiptment!

3. Cookbooks for Healthy Cooking

Going hand-in-hand with exercise is healthy eating. Many survivors are looking for new recipes when it comes to their diets and their colons. Some who've had resections struggle with IBS-type symptoms. Others have constipation. And then some even deal with Crohn's and Colitis, and are looking for good meal ideas. Consider this IBS Cookbook, or even a Crohn's and colitis cookbook for your special someone.

4. Lessons for Something FUN!

Part of surviving cancer involves realizing that life is full of opportunities! Has your leading lady always wanted to learn ballroom? Has that survivor husband of yours always wanted to improve his golf swing? Consider signing up for lessons - either individually or together! It's a gift that doesn't only give a great experience, but lifelong memories - which is what we're all about!

5. A New Magazine, Book, Amazon Gift card or Kindle!

We probably don't have to tell you, but we will anyway. Colon cancer survivors um, spend some considerable time in the bathroom. So, why not boost their time with some new reading material? Get them a magazine subscription, or even a new book. Or if you have no clue here to start - get an Amazon gift card. Or if you're really generous, look into a Kindle or an iPad for your tech-savvy survivor who's moved on to digital reading!

6. A 2012 Colondar

Last but not least, if your colon cancer survivor doesn't own a copy of the Colondar, you must give it to them. These calendars aren't simply a way to track days and events - they're inspirational pieces that will give your survivor hope and encouragement that they're not alone. Buy one now - and even buy two, and give one to a friend. It's one of the best gifts for a survivor, we promise!