Stage III Colon Cancer
Age at Diagnosis: 28

Sarah Kincaid, who turns 37 this month, is a nine-year colon cancer survivor who was misdiagnosed for several months before being diagnosed with stage III colon cancer. After surgery and chemotherapy, Sarah became serious about regaining her fitness and setting athletic goals for herself. Since then, she has run numerous road races and triathlons, and has even climbed to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

As a colorectal cancer survivor, Sarah wants to promote fitness and wellness, but knows that educating people about basic digestive health can be a real challenge in today’s world. Many people don’t even know where their colon is located! She also believes that as a survivor, it is her mission to help others overcome obstacles and make it through treatment to survival and beyond.

Sarah trains for her races with Danskin’s Team Survivor, founded in 1995 to provide free exercise and health education programs for women with a past or present diagnosis of cancer.