Stage III Colon Cancer
Age at Diagnosis: 32

Heather Sherwin has always been conscious of how she treats her body, and colon cancer reminded her just how important that is.

Heather mentioned her symptoms to doctors for seven years but was told that she had IBS, spastic colon and spiritual problems. Despite eating an organic and vegetarian diet, Heather’s symptoms continued until a friend pushed her to see a gastroenterologist. She was relieved to be diagnosed with stage III colon cancer because at least she finally knew what was wrong. Since her diagnosis, she has fought a recurrence in her lymph nodes with traditional, complementary and alternative therapies.

Heather continues to take care of herself by working out and eating well. She knows that “an apple a day” is just one part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

UPDATE: We are sad to report that Heather Sherwin died on January 30, 2007.  Heather was diagnosed with brain metastases in September 2006, but she continued to fight “like hell” and was her sweet, funny and sassy self until the very end.  She died as she would have wanted, at home with her family there and her husband John at her side.