Many of us have tried to describe our time at "Colon Camp," but words fail us beyond calling it magic. In the early days, when this annual publication was the Colondar, this magic happened at Lake George, NY. Co-founder Molly McMaster Morgoslepov's parents, "Papa Jim" and Trudie McMaster, along with their generous neighbors, hosted our models for the photo shoots at their homes around the lake. As stories were shared, the models drew from each other's strength and experiences. That connection made them feel like they were not alone in being diagnosed with colorectal cancer at such young ages. Sadly, in the world of early age onset cancer, we are not strangers to loss, though this time, not because of cancer. The Colon Club mourns the passing of Trudie McMaster.

Trudie was a tremendous part of The Colon Club. She lived in an RV while Molly inline skated from New York to Colorado, served on our board for many years, and hosted Colon Camp for ten years. The ripples that she started in Lake George will continue to grow through every Colon Camp as wave after wave of advocates come through each year.

This edition of On The Rise is lovingly dedicated in memory of Trudie McMaster.

Phuong Gallagher, President



Photo Credit: Anna Burns, https://www.annaburnsphotography.com/