The last couple of years have been difficult as we all have navigated Covid and the limitations that it imposed in all parts of our lives. Organizations have had to pivot along with the rest of the world towards virtual solutions as we were unable to gather in-person, and The Colon Club was no different. This presented a challenge for us to be able to present our annual publication without the benefit of our retreat, lovingly referred to as Colon Camp.

Our design team came up with some creative solutions that worked beautifully. Makeup and Hair Artist, Alayne Curtis of Make me Fab, sent beauty boxes to each of our featured survivors/caregivers with directions for creating their look. Our featured survivors/caregivers practiced with the makeup in their boxes, and then had a consultation with Alayne via video to make adjustments. They then had their shoots with photographer, Anna Burns of Anna Burns Photography, and graphic designer, Troy Burns of Graphic Acuity. Anna had the creative vision to set up the shoots remotely using an advanced smartphone and software. The featured survivor would have someone be their photo assistant to hold and move a smartphone according to Anna’s direction. Anna would then control the settings like the lighting and focus on her end, capturing the stunning images that you will see in this year’s stories. As the images were uploaded to the cloud, Anna and Troy were able to touch up the final images that Troy would use to create these beautiful layouts.
We hope that you enjoy the 2022 On The Rise publication!