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  • Changing the Perception of Colorectal Cancer

    Changing the Perception of Colorectal Cancer


The Colon Club was one of the first organizations to recognize the importance of early age onset (<45 years old) colorectal cancer, seeking to raise awareness that it is not "an old man’s disease." The Colon Club family seeks to provide support and education in out-of-the-box ways to end the stigma surrounding talks about our bowel function and habits. Our all-volunteer staff and board are made up of patients and caregivers who have been impacted by the disease, dedicated to “putting colons where they don’t belong” to help start conversations. Let’s talk poop!

Doctors tell us about the disease inside the patient. ColonTalk is where we support each other through life with the disease and treatment.


The Colon Club Blog is a resource that includes colorectal cancer patient experiences, easy to understand medical information pertinent to CRC patients, and most importantly the voices of survivors/caregivers that have tips for patients and their families on various subjects.


Providing grants to children who have lost a parent or primary caregiver to colorectal cancer, or whose parent or primary caregiver is currently being treated. The Kimberly Fund gives them a chance to forget the cancer and be a kid again!